The FDA has voted to ban the compounding of NAD+ : Comment Deadline Dec 4th, 2019

Additional Information on the Ban

While College Pharmacy is focusing on the ban of NAD+, there are 25 additional ingredients included in the FDA's ban. To view the list of all 26 ingredients, open the file below. 

Ingredient list (doc)


We feel that the rejection of NAD+ (see below) is unwarranted because the FDA only evaluated NAD+ in regards to a specific disease (Multiple Sclerosis)

Click the link below to watch the "We Become Silent : The Last Days of Health Freedom" documentary 

WE BECOME SILENT details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests, giant food companies, and government agencies to limit the public's access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies. The film highlights the U.S. government's complicity in suppressing the truth about the effectiveness of alternative/complementary medicines, and outlines the international plan to eliminate freedom of choice in healthcare through the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. 

1. Take Action - Make an Official Submission to the FDA: Deadline December 4th, 2019


To make an official submission to the FDA, click on the link below, then click on the green "submit a formal comment" button in the top-right corner of the page. Here you will be able to submit comments as well as additional documents.*

* Please be mindful not to make any specific claims regarding NAD+ that can not be fully supported. NAD+ therapy is not an “approved” therapy for addiction. NAD+ is just the active form ( co-enzyme) of Niacin, Vitamin B3. We believe that making claims about specific diseases is not beneficial to getting NAD+ approved *

* We also greatly encourage you to have your patients comment on NAD+ treatment as well*

2. Take Action - Fill out your own NAD+ chart below

Blank NAD+ chart (pdf)


3. Take Action - Send NAD+ testimonial to College Pharmacy

Every. Story. Matters. If you would like to submit a testimonial to College Pharmacy in regards to why the FDA should NOT ban the compounding of NAD+, please do so below.

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